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  1. jim parry says:

    Tracy is good people , he keeps his plane like new. That is what impressed me , a lot !!
    Almost everybody should try this, at least once .It’s FUN .

  2. Jeff Miller says:

    This is one of the finest operations I have ever experienced. Tracy is an excellent pilot and his equipment is top notch. He explains everything very clearly and enjoys what he does, he exudes confidence and it is infectious for his clients. I echo Mr. Parry’s sentiment when he said everyone should try this it is wonderful.

  3. David says:

    Tracy = awesome. My flying skills not so much :(

    Tracy (the owner, pilot and instructor all rolled into one) might be THE most professional pilot I have ever come across. The flight was longer than expected and the equipment is top-notch (and it shows). If you’re looking to know what it’s like to be a bird, go on a ride and leave your hesitations behind.

  4. Corey Nickels (Oklahoma) says:

    I’m still smiling 3 days later, this was a truly amazing experience. The aircraft provides a wonderful wide open view of the sky and country side. I felt safe and comfortable the entire time. You can tell Tracy loves what he is doing and is more than willing to share his joy, love and knowledge of flying. All his equipment is well cared for and maintained. So if you are curious about flying give Tracy a call and go enjoy your time in the sky. I only wish I lived closer so I could go again, and learn to do it myself. Thank you for an awesome morning Tracy.

  5. Dennis West says:

    It was a pleasure to meet Tracy. I became a private pilot in 1989 and flew Cessnas for about 4 years, and other than commercial flights, I haven’t flown since then. The flight with Tracy was so much fun, I’m looking at getting back into flying. The Reva, powered hang gliders that Tracy uses are the top of the line with computers and avionics. Tracy was very calm during the entire flight , even while I was flying. I will be going back up in a week or 2, the powered hang glider flight is very enjoyable and extremely safe.

  6. Jerry Morgan says:

    I’ve been a private pilot for a long time and this was one of the most enjoyable flights I have ever had! Tracy is a true professional and very patient instructor. I will definitely be going back and recommend this to everyone. Pilot or not, you will have a blast and may even start you on a new hobby!

  7. Valeriya says:

    Tracy is a very nice, organized, professional pilot and instructor.
    His hangar is the cleanest and nicest hangar I have ever seen.
    Tracy explains everything in detail before and during the flight. You can easily tell that he loves what he does.
    Tracy is all about safety first. The flight was amazing and very enjoyable.
    The powered hang gliders and equipment are very well maintained.
    I will definitely be back.

  8. Lance Young says:

    Tracy is a fantastic instructor and provides a great experience. His instruction and explanation of the pre-flight and flight process are very thorough and detailed. The flight itself was awesome and i enjoyed it immensely.

    If you have never taken a flight like this you won’t be disappointed. The aircraft is very stable and is simply amazing. If you want a great first experience call Tracy.

  9. Kim L says:

    What an amazing experience! Tracy is a great instructor and pilot! The ride is smooth and the thrill is big – we are definitely coming back!

  10. Jennifer says:

    WOW! What a unique experience! Like a bird soaring amongst the clouds… literally! The flight was smooth, the views amazing! Flying with Tracy is like meeting up with an old friend who is taking you out on the town… very safe, informative and shows you all the fun little details of the countryside you never knew where there! I highly recommend taking an ultralight flight with Tracy.

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