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  1. Jesse Ritthaler says:

    This was awesome! Tracy is a great instructor and very professional at his job. I am going to school for Air Traffic Control and have had some flight training myself and Tracy surpasses anyone who has taught me before. I highly recommend this, it exceeded my expectations and Tracy went above and beyond in everything he did to make my trip the best it could have been. I will definitely be doing this again sometime in the near future and can’t wait to do it again!

  2. monte says:

    Tracy was very professional and knowledgeable. I had a great flight with him and would recommend booking a trip with him. The ultralight was very nice and had so many safety features that made you feel safe to fly with him. If you ever wanted to fly in an ultralight this would be the one to try.

  3. Erik in Aurora says:

    If you live in Colorado, or are planning to visit, you owe it to yourself to see our beautiful state from the air, in an ultralight. After an introduction to the trike and a safety review, you’ll put on your flight suit and helmet. The excitement will build as Tracy goes through the preflight checklist, taxis to the runway, and then announces to the tower that he’s taking off. Seconds later, you’ll be in the air wishing you owned a trike of your own.

    The flight took us over Rattlesnake Butte, Whale Lake, and the site of the Black Forest Fire, which had been contained just a few weeks ago. We flew over a small herd of bighorn sheep and gawked at some of the more expensive homes in southern Colorado.

    I’m not a pilot, so it was interesting listening in on the radio chatter between the tower and the other aircraft with whom we were sharing the sky. We circled the runway waiting for two single-prop planes to land before us. That’s the first time I’ve watched a plane land from above it! If you are a pilot, I think you’d love having the 360-degree view a trike offers.

    We’re glad we got the photo package of our flights. As the disc was being written, we hung out in Tracy’s hangar/mancave, and he told us about the sport-flying industry and some of his own flying adventures in Hawaii.

    I would recommend the full 90-minute flight.

  4. Michael says:

    5 stars!!!!!!!!!! If you have ever wanted to fly I suggest you take a flight with Tracy. He is a great pilot and he is very good at flying. I did the 90 minute flight and it was awesome!! Highly recommend!!

  5. John Whitbeck says:

    I had the opportunity to take a flight this year with Tracy and I have to say that it was truly an incredible experience. The sensation of flying in this type of aircraft in a place with such beautiful scenery was spectacular. But what really made a very high impression on me was that Safety was the most important issue for Tracy. I also recommend the 90 min and foto package.

  6. Jim and Lori says:

    My wife has always wanted to fly even though she is scared of heights. We saw Tracy’s brochure at the hotel so we gave him a call and booked flights for the next day. When we met Tracy he made us feel relaxed from the start. Tracy explained everything to us and made sure we were OK before flying. His took off with my wife first and she loved it, when she landed she had a big smile on her face and was already talking about when we come back. Tracy took several pictures and even let Lori take over steering the trike while 1600 feet in the air. I was more apprehensive than Lori but as we got going I felt more comfortable. We even got a certificate for our 30 min flight which goes toward flight training. We highly recommend flying with Tracy.

  7. Casey B. says:

    Greatest beginning flight experience you can possibly get on sport aircraft! I wanted to get an experience flying on an aircraft that has an open 360 view and this was it! Absolutely breathtaking! Tracy has years of flight experience on thousands of flights, which really made me feel safe. He coached me along when it came time for me to ‘take the wing’ and start flying, encouraging me the whole time. Controlling an aircraft at over a thousand feet above the ground for the first time is extremely exciting and rewarding, but can be intimidating as well. But Tracy’s coaching, experience, and skill kept us safe in the air for an hour long flight. It was amazing to experience the advanced maneuvers that he can do – it made roller coasters at Elitch’s seem like child’s play! And with the experience comes a certificate to show off, and even a picture package if you want it. I got the picture package and have amazing pictures of the view and me doing some flying! Even if you aren’t interested in making a serious hobby out of flying Ultralights, this is an amazing experience and a great way to spend a beautiful Colorado afternoon!! I can’t wait to start formal training with Tracy!

  8. Peter Langegger says:

    I can not say enough about how great an experience it was going up with Tracy in his fantastic trike. Tracy and his passion and excitement for trikes and ultralight flight is contagious. He takes time to explain what it is, how it works, why it flies the way it does. His pride shines through as he explains maintenance and inspection. I have 15 hours in flight training and have flown in various planes and helicopters for the thrill of it and this experience rates at the top. The open air feeling was exhilarating. The flight characteristics of the trike was amazing as he took me over his house to do a fly by for his parents who were visiting. Allowing me to take control and feel the trike respond to me inputs was a great treat. Take the time to Meet Tracy and experience this unique flying experience and you will be rewarded with memories and images of the land scape you can only see from an ultralight trike and with an exceptionally knowledgeable pilot who LOVES what he does!

  9. Steve says:

    While on vacation in March of 2014 I had the fortune to take an introductory WSC (Trike) flight with Tracy. This was one of the best decisions in my life. Tracy is the ultimate instructor. His professionalism in regard to his Revo, safety, equipment and instruction is Top Gun class. I recommend Tracy and his Revo to anyone considering flying lessons. Thank you Tracy for your gracious hospitality too.

  10. Shirley Henze says:

    Wow, What a great experience. If you are ever in Colorado Springs, call and reserve your flight. Don’t pass up the opportunity to try this. I am looking forward to my next trip when I come back in May 2015. Thank you so much Tracy!!!!

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