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  1. Robert says:

    If you’ve never been in a weight-shift control aircraft or if you just like to have fun…Tracy can hook you up! While visiting Colorado Springs, I saw Tracy’s bird in the sky—googled it, found his website and decided to give it a try. I had a great time with Fly Colorado Ultralights. Tracy’s love and enthusiasm for what he does is contagious! While I hold a Private Pilot—Rotorcraft (Helicopter) rating, I’ve been on a long hiatus. After one flight with Tracy and his Evolution Revo I’ve decided to end the hiatus and pursue a new rating.

  2. Pat Lafferty says:

    Flying in an Ultralight has always been on my “bucket list”. I did an Internet search and found Colorado Ultralights. I contacted Tracy and we set up an appointment to perform a flight. We had to reschedule once due to weather, but on August 12th, we got to fly.
    The experience was awesome. Tracy explained all the flight criteria and before I knew it we were in the sky. The views were spectacular, we got to see things I didn’t even know where in the area we fly over. We got to fly over a house I used to won. We even saw some turkeys and deer. Tracy let me fly the craft and I got to experience how easy it was to control.
    I recommend this to anyone who wants to see the ground view like nothing you’ve ever seen before. With Tracy at the helm, I felt totally safe. He’s a great instructor and knows his aircraft inside and out.
    Try it – You won’t regret it!

  3. Tim Bray says:

    Sept 8th 2017. Tracy took me up around 9am, and conditions were good for flying. The Rockies were a little hazy due to smoke from the fires in Montana and Canada but we still had pretty good viability. We shadowed the mountains and flew some great looking range land. We had a little turbulence but nothing to be concerned about. Tracy is a great instructor and guide. I never felt in any danger and Tracy’s Ultralight is in great shape and well maintained. As a safety measure he has the latest parachute technology fitted to his machine. Tracy is also very accommodating, I am a wheelchair user, T2-3 injury level, he worked with me to get me in his machine. I was well secured and was able to fly the machine for a while. If I ever decide to pursue this I would probably have to make a few adjustments to hold myself. With that said I would not need to change anything if I was going to just be a passenger. Don’t wait, Book your flight today! :) Thanks Tracy.

  4. Kenna Smiles says:

    What a life changing experience. Tracy has a true love and calling for flying weight-shift controlled aircrafts. He educated me on the aircraft and procedures and made me feel comfortable and confident on the ground and in the sky. After take off he showed me Colorful Colorado from a birds eye view. What an amazing view of Colorado, learning more about the area and the view of pikes peak is unforgettable. EVERYONE should feel this rush in life. It was amazing to watch, learn and then to do. Tracy showed me and explained to me everything he was doing and why. After being in the air a while he then offered me the chance to take control of my own adrenaline and take control and fly. Flying this aircraft was the greatest feeling in the world. I found Tracy by chasing things to accomplish on my bucket list. And now the other things on my list are going to have to wait because I can say that I will be back to finish my schooling to become a pilot and could not be happier and more thrilled to learn from the best. I have been into unique adrenaline for years now and Tracy offers the best experience and future education in this beautiful and unique thrill. Thank you Tracy it has only been a few days since my flight and its all I can talk about. I cant wait to get back out there and be in the sky with you.

    Thanks Again :)

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